The Goal of this blog is to bridge the gap between good ideas and the reality of implementing them into practical, cost effective applications in buildings.  It is designed to help those in the building and contracting business apply Hi-Performance-Sustainable Building practices in a CECSEE way.  CECSEE standing for  Cost Effective, Common Sense, Energy Efficient Applications.  Personal experiences shows that what appears applicable in a book, in a thought or in an idea is not often the case when trying to incorporate the process into actual construction.   And remember nothing gets done without that builder or contractor constructing it.   It only becomes reality when you can see it and touch it. As we make buildings tighter and sustainable, new issues creep up that can easily be expensive mistakes that don’t work as indicated or projected. Zia Energy(ZE) has a unique background encompassing actual experience as Builders, Contractors and Engineers allowing it the ability to see solutions involving not only new technology and innovativeness, but cost effectiveness and common sense. This blog is not designed to be all things to all people.  We focus on Urban Infill Affordable Housing, Multi-Family Buildings, Single Family Buildings and Low-Rise Multi-Family Buildings including Townhouses and Condominiums and the renovations of these types of buildings. This blog will report on what we find, what we learn, and hopefully help others avoid making serious mistakes.

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