EarthCraft Virginia

HERS Rater_Technical Advisers for EarthCraft Virginia Projects:

EarthCraft Virginia, a common sense sustainable/energy efficient building program, developed by the Home Builders Association of Atlanta and the Southface Energy Institute.  It was brought to the State of Virginia in 2006 by then-Governor Tim Kaine.  Since its introduction, it has been the technical advisor for over 20,000 LiHTC multi-family units and thousands of affordable single-family homes.

It has:

  1. Provided quality control in home and multi-family building.
  2. It has introduced sustainable building practices allowing home occupants to lower their monthly housing costs.
  3.  Worked diligently with the Virginia Housing Development Authority(www.VHDA .com) to help Virginians attain quality, affordable housing.
  4. Utilized HERS(Home Energy Raters) in providing the technical advice in accomplishing its goals.  A HERS rater is an individual who is certified by an accredited Rating Provider to inspect and test a home in order to evaluate each of the minimum rated features and complete a Home Energy Rating according to the RESNET Standards.

RESNET(Residential Energy Services Network):

EarthCraft Virginia: 



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